Humanities, Science and Technology

Just attended the GUNi International Conference on the interrelation between humanities, science and technology in higher education. Three quick, personal thoughts:

Incoherence. Pressure for universities to teach according to the market–technical, employable skills and so on; now pressure also for universities to spread humanistic values outside the classrooms and across society at large–a society that is formed by, among other people, the very same students who are in our classrooms learning technical, employable skills.

Juxtaposition. Disparate presentations from very different perspectives: institutional, geographical, methodological, political. The unorthodox mixture comes in handy a couple of times as a few participants remind the majority of participants that science and technology are not things that spread naturally from the West to the Rest.

Déja vu. Passionate talk by Rosi Braidotti on critical post-humanities. She mentions how the usual perspectives are still missing in the discussions: de-colonial, migrant/diasporic and so on. Academic trends come and go (with their own lexica), but epistemological failures remain.