2021 ICAS Book Prize!

What a fabulous break from my summer break! My book Regresar a China has just been selected as the Spanish Winner of the 2021 ICAS Book Prize in the Spanish and Portuguese edition!

It is a real honor for me to receive such a prestigious award–especially taking into account the fantastic array of books that were submitted in this edition.

This is a book that has only brought me wonderful news since the moment the book project was welcomed by Ignacio Sierra and the folks at Editorial Trotta. Since then, the joy of seeing one’s work in print has been multiplied by the very kind words I have received from esteemed students and colleagues, old friends, and new readers.

I already expressed my gratitude to some of these people in the acknowledgments section of the book–which can be read (in Spanish) at the bottom of this page. Now I can only add my deepest gratitude to the jury for their very generous assessment of Regresar a China.

And, of course, ICAS and SEPHIS also deserve additional and very special thanks for organizing a multilingual award such as this one. The nine language editions of this prize are a celebration of linguistic richness and give much-needed visibility to the knowledge about Asia that is being generated, published and read all around the world in different languages.

Thank you all!