I am currently working on a book on the representations of China in the West in the early twentieth century (under contract with Northwestern University Press). This book is part of a larger collective project on the interactions between China and Spain we are carrying out within the ALTER group. I have published preliminary research as articles in Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies, CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture, Journal of Iberian and Latin American Research, and Hispanic Review.

My previous project explored the works of Chinese writers who had lived in Europe and Japan and returned to China during the Republican Period. The project grew out of my two doctoral dissertations: Embodying Translation in Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature: A Methodological Use of the Conception of Translation as a Site (UAB, 2005) and In Alien Nation: Returned Writers in Modern China (UCLA, 2011). Parts of this project were published as articles in Modern Chinese Literature and Culture, Archiv Orientalni and as a chapter in Sinophone Studies: A Critical Reader (Columbia UP, 2013). It has been published as a book entitled Regresar a China (Trotta, 2019).

In relation (or not) to these projects, I have translated Chinese authors and intellectuals: Lu Xun, Lin Huiyin and Mo Yan into Catalan; Wang Hui into Spanish. I have also collaborated in setting up the Spanish edition of the Traces book series.